The “What” and “When” Of Booking a Budget Guest House in Kolkata

Budget hotels have many stories when it comes to their booking. When you step to an unknown city, with an amount to survive there for few days, all you need to know is the correct places where you can save some hundreds. And, residing in a five star hotel for a week, during your visit, will definitely not curtail any amount, rather it might impend a heftier sum on you, on the budget list.

The best option in this case, is to book a budget hotel which will give you the best of experience that too in a cheaper budget. And, when you head to the city of Joy, you the guest houses provide such a homely atmosphere and good fooding that hardly anyone cringes about not staying at a Five star hotel.

budget guest house

Aster Guest House

So, What Are The Qualities That You Should Be Looking For In The Budget Guest House in Kolkata?

• The accommodation proves to be worthy when you don’t have to think that you are in a middle of nowhere. Unlike this feeling, the Budget Guest House in Kolkata will give the city vibes because they are mostly situated in the central city.

• Do you know if the staffs of the hotel are not properly behaved the stay somehow becomes boring and agitating? But in Kolkata most of the guest houses have well informed and trained staffs who will give you the best of the times.

• As because the guest houses are situated in the central Kolkata, it becomes easier on your part as the communication becomes easier and quicker. Regular availability of metro, buses, taxis and many more can help you reach the places you wish to visit in the city.

• Now, how would you feel if you are made to feel at home, when you are away from it? Definitely, that would be amazing. Isn’t it? And, the guest houses do the same for you.

• Lastly, the food can give you major homely goals when you are out of your abode. Authentic Bengali cuisine after a hectic day in the city can be the best medicine to relive you. Period.

Now, when you know the advantages of staying at a guest house, then would you like to know the perfect time to book it?

Kolkata is hailed as the city of joy, which imparts the meaning that the city is always joyful with its celebration and festivities. But, the major ones are the Durga Puja, International Film Festival, Corporate meets and many more to name.

In the duration of a week, your fooding and lodging can cost you much more than you have calculated, before coming in the city. And hence the best way to save some hundreds and thousands is to book a guest house prior to the date of your arrival, so that you are at the best of hands.


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