How is the Hospitality Sector of Kolkata Doing? Find Out Now

Business tours or lavish holidays, the city of joy has always invited everyone. Needless to say, the competition is cutthroat in the hospitality sector. With Kolkata retaining 72% in the market as per occupancy, more and more luxury chains are coming up, planning to expand their business empires in the coming future.

Accommodation setups are vying for a grandstand in the market. Responding to the changing needs, guesthouse owners in the city, too, have geared up to participate head-to-head.

Conventions have been shed and facilities have been revamped. No longer are these accommodations a plain stay with only meagre refreshments. They are sparing no effort to give the boarders a hotel-like experience and their competitors a tough time.

Source:  Indian Hospitality Sector

Who’s Pushing the Trend of Guest House in Kolkata?

It’s a multi-synergy effort. The biggest push has been felt from the service sector in the country and beyond; the IT industry, especially, deserves a mention. Companies who frequently search for ideal places to accommodate their employees in the go, opine that a guest house in Kolkata is a more economic option than luxury hotels.

There’s no doing away with conferences and business meets. But, there sure is a way to lower costs and have the same benefits of a luxury stay. This also keeps employees happy and contributes to a productive work culture.

Guest House in Kolkata


There was once a time when manufacturing was the backbone of the city’s economical facet. It was soon overtaken by the hospitality sector. And today, guesthouses are defining a large chunk of this very sector without which, it would only be half effective.

The next propelling comes from travel enthusiasts who like being in places that have all the basic facilities to avail on a shoestring budget. Of course, hotels are in plenty. Nevertheless, guesthouses are preferred because of their affordability.

Individual attention is another aspect. While hotels are large and more commodious, they fail to cater to boarders at an individual level. Yes, this may sound weird, but it is true. Instead, guesthouses have lesser rooms, but more attention and care to offer.

How is a Budget Guest House in Kolkata Planned?

This has to be one heck of a challenge. While these accommodations are competing full-on with their hotel peers, the owners are following smart parameters to set them up. The aim is to provide quality services without denting wallets.

Therefore, the first thing is to offer rooms and facilities at a rate cheaper than that in hotels. Peace and tranquillity come next. A budget guest house in Kolkata is more like a home away from home. So, people opt for it readily.

Next comes the location. You will find these accommodations in the most happening places of the city. They are located near to the railway station, bus bay, and airport. Shopping malls and marketplaces are in close vicinity and there’s no place, which is not reachable from these setups.

Finally, food pulls the crowd. Who wouldn’t want their meals to bear a homelike taste even when they are away from their abode? This is a huge advantage when it comes to guesthouses. No wonder they are shining in the hospitality sector of the city.

However, it’s totally a matter of choice.

You could have the most expensive accommodation and still not be satisfied with the services offered. And then, you could opt for a budget-friendly guesthouse and enjoy the perks of individual attention to the utmost. The hospitality sector has everything to offer. However, the choice is yours. So, choose wisely.


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