5 Off-Centric Facilities of Corporate Guest Houses Which You Missed

A city only elevates its standards when the trade of the corporate sector is on the rise!

Needless to mention, Kolkata is the business hub of Eastern India as it serves as the main port of communication for the North Eastern states. The city also being one of the metropolitans, experiences a major footfall in the corporate sectors. The industrialisation and the technical field of the city are always on the rise as because it is home to India’s oldest and second-largest stock exchange company, the Calcutta Stock Exchange.

Likewise, there are several other reasons for paying a visit to the city for corporate involvements like the Bengal Global Business Summit. Now, for a comfortable stay, you would be on the lookout for a guest house that will give you the warmth of the Bengali tradition and culture. If you get all of this in the centre of the corporate hub of the city, would you not be the happiest?

Yes, you heard it right. Park Street is the place where you will get the exact type of guest houses that you are looking for if you a pay corporate visit to the city.

Corporate Guest Houses

Corporate Guest Houses

What Haven’t You Thought Of Not Doing In Your Corporate Trips?

But have you thought of going out for shopping after a hectic day? Or thought of a delicious platter lead in front of you in the lunch hour? Or how about visiting the monuments or entertainment areas of the city? These might be the last thoughts that you would give to your corporate trip, isn’t it?

Here are the facilities that the Corporate Guest House in Kolkata will give you to make your stay a little light and enjoyable:

• If you are thinking about getting the plain and colourless white bed sheet to be the colour of your corporate stay, then it’s time to change that thought. These things are quite old fashioned and hence need a revival. The modern guest houses supply the corporate feel with colourful chairs and ambient décor that will not only make your meetings lively but also will give you a positive energy, even in the midst of dull schedules.

• Corporate houses also have a bad name of restrictions in the cuisine of foods, which are also altered in the guest houses of the Park Street area. The In-House catering service includes Bengali food that will give you the real taste of a Bengali kitchen house. If you even get the freedom of ordering customised meals for your group then why splurge money on the costly restaurants?

• Well, what would you do when you are not stacked with office papers or meetings? Exploring the city and its heritage should be the next thing on your mind. Google Maps might not show you the most favourite snack eateries in the locality or the oldest and finest sweet shops in Kolkata. But, the staff at the guest house would.

• Choose a guest house that will even come up with the fixing of car rentals and ticket bookings. When these are no more a concern to you, you can enjoy your stay as well as your business meetings without a cringe!

• Lastly, choose a hotel that will give the best staff and, food on time deliveries, helping you book a car and everything in a budge-friendly mode. All the above factors might cost your boss or you in case you are leading the trip. So, decide on a budget friendly corporate guest house that can facilitate you with the above concerns.

Don’t think much about your stay. Just find a suitable guest house and have a wonderful corporate trip in the city of joy.


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