A Guest House in Kolkata Or a Hotel Room – What Would You Prefer?

Whether a leisure seeker or a corporate globetrotter, a travel plan is half a huge battle; and the other half in the decision about a convenient accommodation. And then, apart from the comfort, there are budget constraints to worry about as well.

Here’s what the accommodation scenario in India looks like:

Guest House Accommodation

Accommodation Scenario

Clear enough, people prefer a homelike atmosphere while staying out of their home. The rage could be more if the holiday is program-packed. Have you ever wondered how your place of stay can make or break your tour?

Therefore, you need to plan beforehand and do a lot of research regarding the type of room, the cost, and the like. It’s your personal moment of enjoyment. Why not pamper yourself to the core?

Now, whether lazing around is your intention or a serious corporate meet your goal, a guest house facility is always welcome. It’s better than any high-end money-draining hotel.

Want to know why?

  • It’s inexpensive.

A guest house in Kolkata is the perfect way to holiday within budget. It will have all the facilities a luxury hotel can provide and still not burn a hole in your pocketbook.

According to a leading magazine, this craze for visitor lodges has been pushed forward due to a rising financial setback in the country. It’s an economical solution for travelling on a shoestring budget with a five star-like aura.

  • It’s homely.

Yes, we have discussed this earlier. Such accommodations facilities are a home-away from home. The room would look more like your personal bedroom – with a cosy bed, a nice TV, a sitting facility, and bright lights. Need to work on a computer? Such rooms could have awesome Wi-Fi facilities as well.

Okay, we understand how the term ‘guest house’ reminds you of worn bed sheets, a poorly lit room, dirt on the wall and plaster falling off. But, this is a thing of the past. Visitor lodges these days come with modern and sophisticated facilities and are super comfortable. These accommodations are well lit and are free from clutter and dirt.

Comfortable Room at Aster Guest House

Comfortable Room at Aster Guest House

  • You’ll surely find a cosy cooking space.

Because visitor lodges don’t have to cater to a huge mass of people, the cooking space is homelike, too, and very much cosy. Such accommodations usually provide in-house catering service, which ensures good food on your travel.

Now, here’s something about the city of joy:

Did you know Kolkata homes a thriving hotel market that has been noted as the best performer? The occupancy rate is 72%, according to a survey report submitted by HVS Trends & Opportunities.

Indeed, the city of joy is bustling with tourists – some travel enthusiasts and others who come here to do business. However, the inflation in hotel rates has discouraged the masses, who are now seeking visitor lodges for accommodation.

They say, these rooms are cosier, cheaper, and can offer all the facilities they would expect of a quality hotel.

The world’s changing. How are you?


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