Was The Guest House You Chose, Able To Provide The Best Services?

One of the fundamental points while travelling for a long time is choosing a suitable and affordable guest house. Many of us have faced great hazards whenever an improper lodge was picked. Wrongly chosen lodge is enough to ruin all the fun and enjoyment of travelling.

guest house in kolkata

Let’s know about the point we should keep in mind while staying during travelling.

3 vital points while choosing guest house:

The Purpose of Travelling: It’s very important to decide the purpose and choose the adobe according to the purpose. If you are travelling for refreshment with your family try to choose some inns that provide you with an enjoyable and populated area.

On the other hand, if the purpose of travelling is for some meeting or business dealing then select a hotel which is situated in a corporate area and at the same time provides some peaceful place to do your office work.

Affordability: Money is a vital point indeed. Everyone enjoys their life according to their pocket. Half of the fun is spoiled if you fail to get an affordable hotel. Affordable does not mean cheap. Set your budget and your need. Choose those that are able to satisfy all the needs at an affordable price.

Location: Select an appropriate location according to your purpose of travelling. If you are relocating for an official or educational purpose try to choose a lodging service near to the institution or the office and make sure that the place provides you a good communication.

For example, if you looking for a guest house in Kolkata for job purpose then you can choose Park Street as this place is rich in top notch companies.

Comfortable Room at Aster Guest House

Comfortable Room at Aster Guest House

Enquire about the points when you have already decided to choose a lodging service:

1. Don’t compromise on your comfort. If you do not get a comfortable room the whole travelling becomes a nightmare. Whatever room you choose, AC or non AC, the room environment should be relaxing.

2. The internal decoration is a vital part of a room. A dull decor makes you gloomy and a beautiful one makes you cheerful. Check the lights as well as the electricity of the room.

3. Food is the basic need of living. So, don’t even think of compromising on food. Ask them which kind of food they can provide and the also check are they at reasonable price or not. At the same time enquire about the overall hygiene.

4. Some lodging services give you the detail information about the nearby tourist spots and sometimes they provide you with a knowledgeable guide.

5. Hospitability makes you feel special. Grab the lodging service that hire good friendly staff and satisfy your all needs without cutting corners.

6. Nowadays we can’t think of spending a single day without the Internet. Ask them if they provide you with free Wi-Fi connection.

These are the most vital points of choosing the best guest house while travelling. Hope they prove to be very helpful for you. So, choose your abode based on these points and make your travel safer and happier.

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The “What” and “When” Of Booking a Budget Guest House in Kolkata

Budget hotels have many stories when it comes to their booking. When you step to an unknown city, with an amount to survive there for few days, all you need to know is the correct places where you can save some hundreds. And, residing in a five star hotel for a week, during your visit, will definitely not curtail any amount, rather it might impend a heftier sum on you, on the budget list.

The best option in this case, is to book a budget hotel which will give you the best of experience that too in a cheaper budget. And, when you head to the city of Joy, you the guest houses provide such a homely atmosphere and good fooding that hardly anyone cringes about not staying at a Five star hotel.

budget guest house

Aster Guest House

So, What Are The Qualities That You Should Be Looking For In The Budget Guest House in Kolkata?

• The accommodation proves to be worthy when you don’t have to think that you are in a middle of nowhere. Unlike this feeling, the Budget Guest House in Kolkata will give the city vibes because they are mostly situated in the central city.

• Do you know if the staffs of the hotel are not properly behaved the stay somehow becomes boring and agitating? But in Kolkata most of the guest houses have well informed and trained staffs who will give you the best of the times.

• As because the guest houses are situated in the central Kolkata, it becomes easier on your part as the communication becomes easier and quicker. Regular availability of metro, buses, taxis and many more can help you reach the places you wish to visit in the city.

• Now, how would you feel if you are made to feel at home, when you are away from it? Definitely, that would be amazing. Isn’t it? And, the guest houses do the same for you.

• Lastly, the food can give you major homely goals when you are out of your abode. Authentic Bengali cuisine after a hectic day in the city can be the best medicine to relive you. Period.

Now, when you know the advantages of staying at a guest house, then would you like to know the perfect time to book it?

Kolkata is hailed as the city of joy, which imparts the meaning that the city is always joyful with its celebration and festivities. But, the major ones are the Durga Puja, International Film Festival, Corporate meets and many more to name.

In the duration of a week, your fooding and lodging can cost you much more than you have calculated, before coming in the city. And hence the best way to save some hundreds and thousands is to book a guest house prior to the date of your arrival, so that you are at the best of hands.

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How is the Hospitality Sector of Kolkata Doing? Find Out Now

Business tours or lavish holidays, the city of joy has always invited everyone. Needless to say, the competition is cutthroat in the hospitality sector. With Kolkata retaining 72% in the market as per occupancy, more and more luxury chains are coming up, planning to expand their business empires in the coming future.

Accommodation setups are vying for a grandstand in the market. Responding to the changing needs, guesthouse owners in the city, too, have geared up to participate head-to-head.

Conventions have been shed and facilities have been revamped. No longer are these accommodations a plain stay with only meagre refreshments. They are sparing no effort to give the boarders a hotel-like experience and their competitors a tough time.

Source:  Indian Hospitality Sector

Who’s Pushing the Trend of Guest House in Kolkata?

It’s a multi-synergy effort. The biggest push has been felt from the service sector in the country and beyond; the IT industry, especially, deserves a mention. Companies who frequently search for ideal places to accommodate their employees in the go, opine that a guest house in Kolkata is a more economic option than luxury hotels.

There’s no doing away with conferences and business meets. But, there sure is a way to lower costs and have the same benefits of a luxury stay. This also keeps employees happy and contributes to a productive work culture.

Guest House in Kolkata


There was once a time when manufacturing was the backbone of the city’s economical facet. It was soon overtaken by the hospitality sector. And today, guesthouses are defining a large chunk of this very sector without which, it would only be half effective.

The next propelling comes from travel enthusiasts who like being in places that have all the basic facilities to avail on a shoestring budget. Of course, hotels are in plenty. Nevertheless, guesthouses are preferred because of their affordability.

Individual attention is another aspect. While hotels are large and more commodious, they fail to cater to boarders at an individual level. Yes, this may sound weird, but it is true. Instead, guesthouses have lesser rooms, but more attention and care to offer.

How is a Budget Guest House in Kolkata Planned?

This has to be one heck of a challenge. While these accommodations are competing full-on with their hotel peers, the owners are following smart parameters to set them up. The aim is to provide quality services without denting wallets.

Therefore, the first thing is to offer rooms and facilities at a rate cheaper than that in hotels. Peace and tranquillity come next. A budget guest house in Kolkata is more like a home away from home. So, people opt for it readily.

Next comes the location. You will find these accommodations in the most happening places of the city. They are located near to the railway station, bus bay, and airport. Shopping malls and marketplaces are in close vicinity and there’s no place, which is not reachable from these setups.

Finally, food pulls the crowd. Who wouldn’t want their meals to bear a homelike taste even when they are away from their abode? This is a huge advantage when it comes to guesthouses. No wonder they are shining in the hospitality sector of the city.

However, it’s totally a matter of choice.

You could have the most expensive accommodation and still not be satisfied with the services offered. And then, you could opt for a budget-friendly guesthouse and enjoy the perks of individual attention to the utmost. The hospitality sector has everything to offer. However, the choice is yours. So, choose wisely.

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5 Off-Centric Facilities of Corporate Guest Houses Which You Missed

A city only elevates its standards when the trade of the corporate sector is on the rise!

Needless to mention, Kolkata is the business hub of Eastern India as it serves as the main port of communication for the North Eastern states. The city also being one of the metropolitans, experiences a major footfall in the corporate sectors. The industrialisation and the technical field of the city are always on the rise as because it is home to India’s oldest and second-largest stock exchange company, the Calcutta Stock Exchange.

Likewise, there are several other reasons for paying a visit to the city for corporate involvements like the Bengal Global Business Summit. Now, for a comfortable stay, you would be on the lookout for a guest house that will give you the warmth of the Bengali tradition and culture. If you get all of this in the centre of the corporate hub of the city, would you not be the happiest?

Yes, you heard it right. Park Street is the place where you will get the exact type of guest houses that you are looking for if you a pay corporate visit to the city.

Corporate Guest Houses

Corporate Guest Houses

What Haven’t You Thought Of Not Doing In Your Corporate Trips?

But have you thought of going out for shopping after a hectic day? Or thought of a delicious platter lead in front of you in the lunch hour? Or how about visiting the monuments or entertainment areas of the city? These might be the last thoughts that you would give to your corporate trip, isn’t it?

Here are the facilities that the Corporate Guest House in Kolkata will give you to make your stay a little light and enjoyable:

• If you are thinking about getting the plain and colourless white bed sheet to be the colour of your corporate stay, then it’s time to change that thought. These things are quite old fashioned and hence need a revival. The modern guest houses supply the corporate feel with colourful chairs and ambient décor that will not only make your meetings lively but also will give you a positive energy, even in the midst of dull schedules.

• Corporate houses also have a bad name of restrictions in the cuisine of foods, which are also altered in the guest houses of the Park Street area. The In-House catering service includes Bengali food that will give you the real taste of a Bengali kitchen house. If you even get the freedom of ordering customised meals for your group then why splurge money on the costly restaurants?

• Well, what would you do when you are not stacked with office papers or meetings? Exploring the city and its heritage should be the next thing on your mind. Google Maps might not show you the most favourite snack eateries in the locality or the oldest and finest sweet shops in Kolkata. But, the staff at the guest house would.

• Choose a guest house that will even come up with the fixing of car rentals and ticket bookings. When these are no more a concern to you, you can enjoy your stay as well as your business meetings without a cringe!

• Lastly, choose a hotel that will give the best staff and, food on time deliveries, helping you book a car and everything in a budge-friendly mode. All the above factors might cost your boss or you in case you are leading the trip. So, decide on a budget friendly corporate guest house that can facilitate you with the above concerns.

Don’t think much about your stay. Just find a suitable guest house and have a wonderful corporate trip in the city of joy.

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Have You Visited the Famous, Busy, and Glorious PARK STREET of Kolkata Yet?

Are you a gregarious party freak? Does the big, the sophisticated, and the jazzy attract you most? Do you love enjoying the nightlife in cities? Here’s a place in Kolkata you should definitely visit.

It’s PARK STREET – alive, awesome and awe-inspiring. It’s the street that never sleeps.

Here’s how to reach the place:

If you are a resident of the city, Park Street needs no introduction. It’s in the pulsating heart of the city of joy and can be reached from anywhere via public transport.

It is well connected by bus, tram, metro, taxi routes. For those outside the city, you can head straightaway from the airport, railway station, and bus bay to this popular area.

Let’s show you Park Street on Google Maps.

Park Street

The road sprouts from Chowringhee Road and runs to Park Circus 7 point crossing. Between Chowringhee Road and Mullick Bazar, Park Street is most lively.

From here you can reach other significant places like Camac Street, Russell Street, Rawdon Street, Wood Street, Middleton Row, Loudon Street, AJC Bose Road, Ballygunge, E M Bypass, and other major places of interest in Kolkata.

Things to do in Park Street:

  • Relish good food and wine:

    Did you know, Park Street is Kolkata’s most visited dining destination? It is also known as the ‘Food Street’ and is brimming with restaurants, nightclubs, and pubs.

  • Enjoy music:

    Most nightclubs like Someplace Else, Tantra, Underground, and Aqua, will play music of various styles, ranging from discos to blues, hip hops, reggae, trance, and even bhangra! Let the sound of music grab your senses.

  • Go shopping:

    There’s no dearth of showrooms here. You could shop till you drop. And, if you are a bookworm, the bookstores here will mesmerise you.

  • Take a leisurely walk:

    Park Street’s full of Amazing architectures that date back to the British Colonial rule. Do go for a leisurely walk in the evening and don’t forget to enjoy the beauty of the place. And, if it’s a festive season, you are lucky, because no other place glows like this street in Kolkata.

Places in and around Park Street that you can visit:

Kolkata is a travel experience which is incomplete without a visit to this three-kilometre wonder called Park Street. Here are some of the historical places in and around the street that are a must-visit:

  • Park Street Cemetery:

    It’s one of those mementos which the city has upheld as its culture. The cemetery is spooky, calm, and peaceful, although it’s located in a busy area. Park Street Cemetery was set up in the year 1767 and is a home to over a thousand moss-covered tombs. It’s a place you should visit if you are really into all those paranormal stuff.

Park Street Cemetery

South Park Street Cemetery

  • Queen’s Mansions:

    It’s also a popular landmark in Park Street. The Queen’s Mansion is a heritage building which was earlier known by the name of Gaulstian Mansions. It is currently the dwelling place of the Malhotras, the Oberois, the Katyals, the Mehras, the Saigals, and the Shivdasanis.

Queen's Mansion

Queen’s Mansion at Kolkata

  • Seventh-day Adventist Church:

    Here’s the subtle side of Park Street. This divine shrine is a popular destination amongst God lovers in the city. It is one experience you should not miss.

Seventh-day Adventist Church

Seventh-day Adventist Church Kolkata

  • ISKCON Kolkata:

    ISKCON is located at a distance of 1.2 km from Park Street. Witness the incredibility of the marble-and-granite construction and the quiet aura.

ISKCON Kolkata

ISKCON Kolkata

  • Victoria Memorial:

    Located at a distance of 2.2 km from the street, the Victoria Memorial is almost been synonymous with Kolkata’s heritage. Enjoy the immaculate architecture and a museum which holds artefacts of the British era.

Victoria Memorial

Victoria Memorial

  • Indian Museum:

    This is the largest and oldest museum in India. Indian Museum was founded in the year 1814 and holds 35 galleries as of now. You will get to see some rare artefacts here, which hold scientific and cultural significance.

Indian Museum

Indian Museum

  • Birla Planetarium:

    If you are interested in knowing the Universe better, you should definitely pay a visit to the Birla Planetarium. Built in the form of a Buddhist stupa, the planetarium is located in a beautiful area and makes a great tourist attraction.

Birla Planetarium in Kolkata

Birla Planetarium

  • Kolkata Race Course:

    Located 4 km away from Park Street, this is the largest horse race venue in the country. The Kolkata Race Course was built in the year 1820 and is currently looked after by the Royal Calcutta Turf Club.

Kolkata Race Course

Kolkata Race Course

Okay, time for that big question – Where to put up in Park Street?

You know, Park Street is full of fancy hotels and sophisticated guest houses. However, not all can be afforded. In fact, many of these accommodations are for meant only for the crème de la crème. However, you can easily find a number of budget-friendly accommodations as well.

Aster Guest House

Aster Guest House in Kolkata

One of the popular lodging facilities here is Aster Guest House. With affordable tariff and decent facilities, this is a budget guest house that will never dent your wallet. What’s more, you can enjoy free Wi-Fi here as well!

Hasn’t this turned Park Street all the more appealing now? Do share your travel experience.

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A Guest House in Kolkata Or a Hotel Room – What Would You Prefer?

Whether a leisure seeker or a corporate globetrotter, a travel plan is half a huge battle; and the other half in the decision about a convenient accommodation. And then, apart from the comfort, there are budget constraints to worry about as well.

Here’s what the accommodation scenario in India looks like:

Guest House Accommodation

Accommodation Scenario

Clear enough, people prefer a homelike atmosphere while staying out of their home. The rage could be more if the holiday is program-packed. Have you ever wondered how your place of stay can make or break your tour?

Therefore, you need to plan beforehand and do a lot of research regarding the type of room, the cost, and the like. It’s your personal moment of enjoyment. Why not pamper yourself to the core?

Now, whether lazing around is your intention or a serious corporate meet your goal, a guest house facility is always welcome. It’s better than any high-end money-draining hotel.

Want to know why?

  • It’s inexpensive.

A guest house in Kolkata is the perfect way to holiday within budget. It will have all the facilities a luxury hotel can provide and still not burn a hole in your pocketbook.

According to a leading magazine, this craze for visitor lodges has been pushed forward due to a rising financial setback in the country. It’s an economical solution for travelling on a shoestring budget with a five star-like aura.

  • It’s homely.

Yes, we have discussed this earlier. Such accommodations facilities are a home-away from home. The room would look more like your personal bedroom – with a cosy bed, a nice TV, a sitting facility, and bright lights. Need to work on a computer? Such rooms could have awesome Wi-Fi facilities as well.

Okay, we understand how the term ‘guest house’ reminds you of worn bed sheets, a poorly lit room, dirt on the wall and plaster falling off. But, this is a thing of the past. Visitor lodges these days come with modern and sophisticated facilities and are super comfortable. These accommodations are well lit and are free from clutter and dirt.

Comfortable Room at Aster Guest House

Comfortable Room at Aster Guest House

  • You’ll surely find a cosy cooking space.

Because visitor lodges don’t have to cater to a huge mass of people, the cooking space is homelike, too, and very much cosy. Such accommodations usually provide in-house catering service, which ensures good food on your travel.

Now, here’s something about the city of joy:

Did you know Kolkata homes a thriving hotel market that has been noted as the best performer? The occupancy rate is 72%, according to a survey report submitted by HVS Trends & Opportunities.

Indeed, the city of joy is bustling with tourists – some travel enthusiasts and others who come here to do business. However, the inflation in hotel rates has discouraged the masses, who are now seeking visitor lodges for accommodation.

They say, these rooms are cosier, cheaper, and can offer all the facilities they would expect of a quality hotel.

The world’s changing. How are you?

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